Position on GMO's

Lundberg Family Farms recognizes the importance of a natural environment, purity of the foods we eat and sustainability in agriculture. We recognize the consumer's interest in knowing how their food was produced and what ingredients are present. Lundberg Family Farms' goal is to be able to market its rice in all countries worldwide in accordance with those countries' GMO acceptance levels. We will promote a non-GMO philosophy as a way of doing business.

We proudly use non-GMO ingredients in our food. Just as the use of non-GMO ingredients has not raised the price of our foods, the addition of non-GMO labeling to our packaging has not, and will not, increase the cost of our products.

Lundberg Family Farms opposes the creation and propagation of genetically modified food and fiber for the following reasons:

  • They may cause adverse health conditions in humans
  • They may have adverse environmental and ecological impacts, as well as reduce the biodiversity of crop varieties
  • They have the potential to cross over to conventional, non-modified types
  • They are not generally accepted in world trade
  • They have an adverse impact on organic agriculture
  • They can cause a proliferation of chemical use, negatively affecting agricultural sustainability of soils and water
  • They create dependence on chemical suppliers
  • They create dependence on proprietary seed corporations
  • Oversight of development is ineffective and once released, GMO’s may be uncontrollable
  • There are not clear liability protections for farmers whose crops become contaminated with GMOs

Lundberg Family Farms is an official Participant of the Non-GMO Project.

Non GMO Project

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization, created by leaders representing all sectors of the organic and natural products industry in the U.S. and Canada, to offer consumers a consistent non-GMO choice for organic and natural products that are produced without genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technologies.

The Non-GMO Project started in Berkeley, at The Natural Grocery Co., in 2003 when a group of employees initiated the "People Want to Know Campaign," rallying 161 grocery stores and co-ops throughout the United States in a letter-writing campaign. The goal was to discover the GMO status of products, as to inform consumers.

Prior to this, in 2001, The Big Carrot Natural Food Market in Toronto, Ontario implemented a non-GMO purchasing policy after a year and a half of research. They simply discontinued those product lines that were not confirmed by the manufacturer to be non-GMO. It was a radical and very successful move for the store.

In 2005, The Natural Grocery Company and the Big Carrot Natural Food Market teamed up to form the Non-GMO Project, with a common goal of creating a standardized meaning of non-GMO for the North American food industry.

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For more information about the Non-GMO Project, visit: www.nongmoproject.org