Our Facilities

Our Facilities

At Lundberg Family Farms®, we grow, mill, process and pack our rice and rice products. We have control of our products from greenhouse to warehouse to ensure quality and great taste in every grain.


After the rice is harvested, it is moved to the rice dryer to remove moisture and prepare it for processing. Our rice dryers are partially powered by a 197kW solar panel array adjacent to the dryer.


Having the mill right on the farm offers definite advantages. Each identity preserved lot of rice is traceable from planting to packaging. This allows us to exercise very close quality control. We are also able to mill on demand, which means freshness for our consumers.

Rice Cake Production

All our rice cakes are made with whole grain brown rice and popped fresh daily, right on the farm. We have complete quality control, which allows us to provide fresh, high quality, great tasting rice cakes.


Lundberg manufactures many rice products in our processing facility which is located on site. Having the facilities to create these products on the farm helps Lundberg ensure quality.


Our products are made to order and shipped fresh daily from our warehouse. Our warehouse also has a 185kW roof-mounted solar panel array to offset some of our energy use.

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