Mission, Values, & Vision

Four Brothers

Lundberg Family Farms® is a mission-driven company that holds itself to a high standard in business, environmental stewardship, and the relationships it has with employees and business partners.


To honor our family farming legacy by nourishing, conserving, and innovating for a healthier world.


To make a positive impact in the world by building relationships with our customers, enhancing efficient and effective operations, and continuously improving our environmental footprint while delivering on consumer demand for great tasting gourmet rice products.



We keep our commitments, comply with laws and regulations and are forthright in our communications.


We treat others as we want to be treated, compensate our stakeholders fairly, care for the environment wisely, and use resources responsibly. We recognize that our heritage and reputation continues to support the development of our company. Appreciation, gratitude, and graciousness have been fundamental traits exhibited by our family for generations and we believe these are a key to achieving the respect we wish to characterize our company in the future.

Continuous Improvement

We endeavor to improve our products, operations, and resources, and will support this investment in people, equipment, products, and processes. We celebrate the innovations that our company has made over the years and recognize that our position of leadership in the market will only be maintained through continued improvement and innovation.


Our success is the result of collaboration between many talented individuals, including employees, growers, vendors, and customers.