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Source of factual information on different aspects of organic living including organic food, organic gardening, organic stores and organic cosmetics.

California Certified Organic Farmers

CCOF is the primary certification and trade association for organic producers in California, with over 650 organic growers and food processors. Their goal is to promote ecologically accountable and sustainable agriculture through development of standards and certification programs for organic farming and food processing. Lundberg Family Farms® has selected CCOF to be their primary certifier since 1988.

Organic Farm Research Foundation

The Organic Farming Research Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to sponsor research related to organic farming practices, to disseminate research results to organic farmers and to growers interested in adopting organic production systems, and to educate the public and decision-makers about organic farming issues.

Organic Trade Association

OTA is membership based and includes growers, retailers, manufacturers, certifiers, distributors, etc. OTA encourages global sustainability through promoting and protecting growth and diverse organic trade. Lundberg Family Farms has maintained OTA membership since it began as OFPANA in 1985.

California Rice Commission

The California Rice Commission (CRC) represents the rice growers and handlers who farm and process rice produced in California by engaging in a range of comprehensive regulatory, research and education programs.

Organic & Non-GMO Report

The Organic & Non-GMO Report is the only monthly newsletter that provides information you need to respond to the challenges of genetically modified (GM) foods.

Deconstructing the age of dams

An article by Marc Reisner (author of Cadillac Desert) about the efforts of Western Canal Water District (on whose board of directors Homer Lundberg sits) to protect spawning salmon, even at the expense of tearing down one of their own dams.

Other Links

Better Food Choices

This website teaches food nutrition facts and offers solutions for feeding your kids better foods. The Better Choices Grocery List offers you the opportunity to pick and choose foods that will give you the welcomed confidence that your kids will be well-fueled as they grow.


An online magazine dedicated to helping people with dietary restrictions return to a normal life of eating, cooking and entertaining.

Gluten-Free Page

Don Wiss has put together a page of pointers to information about gluten intolerance on the net.

Fiber Up Food Finder, is a new tool on the Prevention website promoting the use of fiber. Among the products recommended is Lundberg wild rice. Fiber Up

Should I Be Gluten Free?

A user-friendly, comprehensive website to understanding and living the gluten-free life, which includes an explanation of Celiac disease and it's symptoms, history, diagnosis and treatment.

Yahoo Index: Companies/Food/Natural_Organic

Yahoo! now has a growing list of companies in the natural and organic foods business.

Whole Grains

National Center For Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Fact Sheet. Nutrition experts recommend we eat at least three servings of whole-grain foods daily. How many do you eat each day?

New Food Guide Pyramid

Steps to a healthier you. ChooseMyPlate offers personal eating plans with the foods and amounts that are right for you.