An Important Message Regarding Proposition 37

Lundberg Family Farms was proud to be a part of the “Yes on 37” campaign. It was an historic moment for the sustainable-food movement, and we are excited with the progress that the campaign made with consumers on this important issue. Although we did not get the result we wanted on Election Day, it is clear that the “Yes on 37” campaign has helped fuel the fire that ultimately will lead to GMO labeling.

On November 6, 2012, Proposition 37 was narrowly defeated with 46.9% of the California vote, despite being outspent by a well-organized opposition armed with a $40 million-dollar war chest. It was a hard-fought campaign, but in the end, our positive message in favor of accurate food labeling simply could not compete with the misleading information organized by lobbyists, political professionals, chemical companies and food conglomerates.

This fight isn’t over. In fact, Proposition 37 was just the beginning. The awareness our campaign generated served to educate millions of consumers on the potential health and environmental risks of genetic engineering. “Yes on 37” planted a seed (non-GMO, of course) with consumers that they have a right to know if their food contains genetically modified organisms.

Our strong showing on Election Day means that the food movement is poised for another run-in California, in other states, or at the federal level-to protect consumers’ rights once and for all.

Our family, our company, and the movement we support are gratified to have participated in this momentous California ballot initiative, and commit to continuing the fight until all consumers win the right to accurate food labeling.

Grant Lundberg, CEO