Heat & Eat Organic Short Grain Brown

Heat & Eat Short Grain Brown Rice is a full-flavored rice with grains that are soft and cling together. Enjoy the whole grain goodness as a side dish or add a variety of ingredients to create your own signature meal. This convenient, precooked organic brown rice is especially versatile, nutty and delicious. Just Heat & Eat!

Cooking Instructions

Stovetop: Pour rice into small pan, add 1 tbs. of water and heat on MEDIUM until hot, stirring occasionally.

Microwave: Lift flap to dotted line. Microwave on HIGH 60 to 90 seconds (heating times may vary, depending on wattage).

Recipe Suggestions


Cooked organic short grain brown rice.



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  1. Phil 15 Dec

    Very convenient and tasty. A winner. I cook it in the microwave and then put some on some toasted nori with sushi ginger, some wasabi or rice vinegar and vegetable such as cucumber. The nori is rolled up after putting the ingredients on it.
  2. Jim Thomas 21 Jan

    This is good stuff. Better than I could ever cook it. If it were less expensive I would never cook my own Lundberg Short Grain Brown rice I would just buy the heat and eat bowls all the time! Wish I knew how to make it this good!!
  3. Ric HART 23 May

    From NYC: haven't found/bought/tried this Lundberg item (yet). Anyone know whether this product REQUIRES refrigeration/freezing before cooking/opening? From the web-page I cannot tell. All 3 varieties of Lundberg Farms "Heat and Eat" OG rice look to be appetizing and nutritious. Thanks for networking.
  4. Lundberg Family Farms 26 May

    @Ric - the Heat & Eat bowls do not need to be refrigerated prior to opening.  Once opened, they will need to be refrigerated or frozen.

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