Organic Brown Rice Cakes, Lightly Salted

The finest whole grain brown rice yields the freshest, most nutritious rice cakes. We mill the brown rice and then pop them into rice cakes right on the farm. That's why our whole grain brown rice cakes are so fresh and flavorful!

Each Lundberg® cake is made with nearly twice as much rice as most other brands, hence our 8.5-ounce "heavy little bag." This means our cakes are packed with twice the flavor, value, and nutrition.

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Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice, Sea Salt.



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  1. C Holliday 29 Nov

    Perfect flavor and texture and just the right amount of salt. 
  2. Lee 03 Mar

    Nice flavor and crunch. However, they break apart quite easily, which I find problematic. Probably won't buy again.
  3. Julia 24 Sep

    Wonderful! Brown rice cakes were recommended on my eating plan. This was the first brand I purchased. I love the texture and crunch, missing in other brands I have since tried. Try them with Neufchatel for breakfast or a snack. 
  4. Jen 13 Jan

    I also find these rice cakes problematic what with the crumbling and sometimes the difficulty in finding them in the stores.
  5. Kristin 31 Jan

    I love these....I'm on a really strict diet so I have to buy the plain ones, they are so good though. I put avocado's on them. I also like them much better than the Quaker brand.
  6. Sasha 22 Feb

    My new favorite rice cakes. I think the texture and flavor are perfect. I love salty snacks, so the "lightly" salted factor scared me, but it's actually a perfect amount. I think these are a delicious snack and on-the-go breakfast that I'll be enjoying for quite some time.
  7. michelle d 04 Apr

    these are the best rice cakes i've had. they have much more crunch than typical cakes. i buy these at trader joe's. i'm a crunchaholic, so it's nice to have these around, for idle hand snacking.
  8. Daniel 12 Apr

    Wow. I have been enjoying these and the wild rice variety for a long time, usually just plain with my morning coffee.  They taste great, but until my wife brought home some of the Quaker brand recently, I never realized how much better Lundberg's are: they have a robust, rich flavor profile and perfect crunch and textures.  Eating Q's was like eating puffed paper.  
  9. Sal Nepa 29 Jun

    I love the Brown organic lightly salted rice cakes with some almond buter sandwhiched between 2 pieces, great in the am. But my local Kroger store in my area decieded they will no longer carry them. Can you tell me of any other stores in my area that carry them?
  10. Lundberg Family Farms 29 Jun

    Hi Sal, We are so glad you like the rice cakes! Eating them with almond butter is such a great idea... yum. Here are some options for finding the rice cakes:

    -Please let us know where you shop! If you can give us a sense of where you live and which stores are convenient for you, we can tell you know exactly where to find these rice cakes!

    -Whole Foods carries all of our products and you should be able to find the Lightly Salted Organic Rice Cakes there.

    -Visit our "Where to Buy" page to locate products in your area or order online. 

    We hope we can be helpful to you in finding these rice cakes :)
  11. Art 12 Jul

    Dear Lundberg Family Farms,

    May I offer some thanks from our family, and then pose a question?

    First of all, thank you for still existing! I mention that because I see that many of these consumer reviews judge your products based on a single aesthetic factor, like 'crumbles more than Brand X', but of course, there's so much more to it than that:

    Your superior organic sourcing, farming, and quality control, and your independents from Big Agriculture lets us feel confident, as parents, that we're not unknowingly serving contaminated or overly-processed ingredients from, say, China, to our kids.

    True organic, which Lundberg practices, isn't merely about avoiding prohibited pesticides; it's about processing ingredients at *every step* as though one was going to feed them to one's own kids.

    So I bet that if there were a way to make your rice cakes crumble less than Big Agriculture's do, without adding unwholesome ingredients or reducing the nutritional value of the rice or increasing cost too'd have done it already.

    In a nutshell (or, should we say, in a rice hull?), we trust you.

    And now on to our question:

    One of us is on a strict very-low-carb diet for pre-diabetes. She needs something approximately the size of a rice cake on which to pile her low-carb toppings to make a meal or snack. Your competitors in our health food store show carb values for their organic rice cakes as low as almost half of yours (8 carbs, versus Lundberg 14 carbs). I suspect this is because their rice is puffed larger, so there are about half as many kernels per cake.  We avoid that brand because not all "organic" is created equal, and the particular competitor in question is owned by a huge, faceless distributor and doesn't even offer a customer service phone number, nor a list of its executives' names, on it website. 

    Why don't you offer a "lowest carb, lowest cal" rice cake, that is puffed out as much as your competitors'? If there's a good health reason for not puffing them out so much, let us all know. If it's not a health issue, then please do it! I'm sure you lose some market share (not ours!) to the ultra-low-carb/ultra-low-calorie organic rice cakes right next to yours on the supermarket shelf...

    Best wishes,

    Art & Family
  12. Lundberg Family Farms 13 Jul

    Art, Your trust is a priority for us at Lundberg Family Farms and we would like to thank you for both your encouragement and your question. We cannot speak to the exact differences between our rice cakes and our competitor's because we do not know their exact process. Our thoughts are that our competitor may be using a lightly milled brown rice as well as a different type of puffing machine. In contrast, our rice contains the entire bran. As to the rest of our process, you might find this issue of our Rice Paper from Summer 2010 helpful. As it points out, our rice cakes are made with nearly twice as much rice as most other brands. More rice means more carbs. However, more rice also means more fiber and more protein, both of which promote overall health. We value your input and will be sure to share your suggestions and concerns with the appropriate people here at the farm. Again, thank you for your support. We wish you and your family all the best. 
  13. Tara 20 Sep

    I love this item.

    Is this made with 100% brown rice or brown rice with white rice?
  14. Lundberg Family Farms 25 Sep

    Hi Tara, these are made with 100% brown rice. Thanks for asking!
  15. Rubin 29 Sep

    Wow, superb weblog format! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you make running a blog look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent, let alone the content material!
  16. Lundberg Family Farms 01 Oct

    Rubin, thanks for the positive feedback! We appreciate it!

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