Organic Brown Rice Cakes, Salt Free

The finest whole grain brown rice yields the freshest, most nutritious rice cakes. We mill the brown rice and then pop them into rice cakes right on the farm. That's why our whole grain brown rice cakes are so fresh and flavorful!

Each Lundberg® cake is made with nearly twice as much rice as most other brands, hence our 8.5-ounce "heavy little bag." This means our cakes are packed with twice the flavor, value, and nutrition.

Recipe Suggestions


Organic whole grain brown rice.



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  1. Patriot 04 Dec

    Just add about a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter, almond butter, or some sugar free jelly and it's just amazing!! Two thumbs up.... 
  2. katie Sitterle 16 Dec

    I love to eat these whenever and wherever! I am a vegetarian and want to shout out to the Lundberg family and all who help make this product possible! Even my dog, Raymond, loves to snack on these as a treat! Thank you! 

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