Organic Koku Seaweed Rice Cakes

The finest whole grain brown rice yields the freshest, most nutritious rice cakes. We mill the brown rice and then pop them into rice cakes right on the farm. That's why our whole grain brown rice cakes are so fresh and flavorful!

Each Lundberg® cake is made with nearly twice as much rice as most other brands, hence our 8.5-ounce "heavy little bag." This means our cakes are packed with twice the flavor, value, and nutrition.


Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice, organic dried cane syrup, organic tamari (water, organic whole soybeans, salt), sea salt, organic nori flakes, organic wasabi-type flavor, citric acid. (contains soy)



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  1. Barbara 16 May

    What does it taste like ?  Well it taste like a piece of cardboard box that had fish food shipped in it.  But I topped it with my sweet pea/artichoke dip . Here's my recipe.
    1 bag of frozen sweet peas. Thawed
    1 whole garlic head peeled
    1 can drained artichokes
    1/4 c. lemon juice
    1/2 c. Rocatta cheese
    1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
    1 heaping tlb. pesto 
    1/2 c. parmesan cheese grated
    Blend in a food processor 
  2. Denise Rehfuss 08 Aug

    I absolutely love this flavor rice cake. I ate the entire bag over the course of the day. They are that good!!! 
  3. Lauren 17 Feb

    I would like to know what exactly is the "wasabi-type" flavoring made of?
  4. Lundberg Family Farms 27 Feb

    Hi Lauren, The "wasabi-type" flavoring is made of natural mustard derivative and capsicum extract. Mustard derivatives are the flavor components without the protein so that it will not trigger an allergic reaction. Capsicum extract is the heat/burn from hot peppers.
  5. cate 14 Nov

    I love Lundberg products but didn't love this. Didn't see tamari in title (as some do include it) and didn't see anything to indicate "sweet."  I am normally a compulsive label reader - somehow this time I thought the title would be enough.  

    The first shock when I took my first bite was how sweet this was - and secondly, how salty.
    I love seaweed, I love brown rice, I even love sweet and salt, but really do not want added sweetness in my crackers and if I wanted tamari taste would have bought one of the other crackers Lundberg makes with tamari in the name. Seriously wouldn't this be as good, or by my taste, better, without dried cane syrup as the second ingredient. The wrap did mention a hint of wasabi. I really could not detect the hint of wasabi - which I was looking forward to.

    I decided to try this again - and guess what? Same results. I want my added sugar as desert or as fruit, not in my rice cracker - unless it is perhaps cinnamon and rice syrup or something similar.
  6. Lundberg Family Farms 29 Nov

    Hi Cate,
    Sorry you didn't like this flavor! I would suggest the Toasted Sesame, Flax with Tamari, Toasted Sesame, Wild Rice or Lightly Salted for flavors that will be less salty, and the Mochi sweet for a flavor that will be less sweet. Hope this helps!

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