Original Sea Salt Rice Chips

Enjoy the original taste of sea salt with the delicious crunch of brown rice!

This product is made with 70% organic ingredients.

Also available in a 1.5oz snack size bag!


Organic whole grain brown rice, organic rice flour (organic whole brown rice flour, organic rice flour), high oleic expeller-pressed safflower or sunflower oil, organic whole masa corn flour, organic sesame seeds, sea salt, natural caramel color. Contains Sesame.



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  1. Tracie 03 Sep

    These products are great-at least the sea salt and lime ones-no flavor enhancers. However, are these products non-GMO?
  2. Melanie 19 Jan

    I love these rice chips!  They are my favorite gluten-free chip!  They have great flavor and texture.  I just wish they were Organic!  Then they would be a staple, not just a once in while treat.
  3. Linda 12 Feb

    I love these chips but wonder why they need to have the organic masa corn flour in them. For some, corn is a no-no.
  4. Lundberg Family Farms 28 Feb

    Hi Linda,
    Corn masa has a functional purpose when making our chips; it is used as a "binder" and also to keep the dough from getting too sticky when it's being rolled out.
  5. Shellee 28 Mar

    I really hope you will consider making your chips without the corn flour. Arrowroot flour/powder might be a good alternative to the corn.  I think you would appeal to a much larger consumer population if you changed the formulation.  My kids would be delighted to be able to eat chips!
  6. grizzly 21 Apr

    great chip for those on diets that go without wheat. good taste and they are crunchy. only down side is the corn flour for those who cannot eat corn.
  7. jgee 04 May

    Are they completely dairy free?
  8. Lundberg Family Farms 05 May

    Hi jgee,
    The Sea Salt chips are completely dairy free, as are most of the other flavors. Sesame Seaweed and Fiesta Lime both contain milk.
  9. Erin 20 Jun

    I love these.  Like.. I'm in love with these.  : )  So good.
  10. Reid 01 Sep

    My favorite chip of any kind!
  11. leah fordham 10 Feb

    i am a mom nursing an infant with milk induced colitis so i am constantly on the search for products that are : gluten, nut, wheat, soy, egg and dairy free.  your chips are so yummy!!  Can you tell me if your barbeque and sesame & seeweed rice chips meet those requirements?  thanks!
  12. Kevin T. 16 Feb

    Agree with other posts -- if you could figure out how to do these without the masa corn flour, it would be a BIG win.  I annually do a 28-day cleanse/detox, where brown rice is a major allowed food (and corn is prohibited), and I'd love to be able to use these chips.  Otherwise, great product!  Thanks!
  13. Lundberg Family Farms 21 Feb

    Hi Leah! The Santa Fe Barbeque and Sesame & Seaweed rice chips do meet all your requirements :) Enjoy!
  14. WildaSon 28 Feb

    The package doesn't specify if the chips are fried or baked.  Also, do any of your products or facilities process peanuts.  I have a friend that is allergic. 
  15. VicAnn 03 Apr

     I'd love to buy these but they contain corn products and I am severly allergic to that as well as wheat. Guess I'll have to keep looking.  :(
  16. derfyy 05 Apr

    Very very good, I just found these chips and there vegan and has no GMO. THANKS
  17. Lundberg Family Farms 11 May

    Hi WildaSon, The chips are fried and we do not process any peanuts. Enjoy!
  18. Portia 18 Jun

    I so am thankful I found you I know Lord (Jesus) led me to buy your brand, when i decided to buy chips. WOW, Im amazed and grateful for individuals like you. You make the world a better place, because YOU DO IT RIGHT, YOU CARE! I am a fan for life
  19. Lundberg Family Farms 19 Jun

    Portia, We are glad you found our chips too! Thank you so much for the kind words, they mean so much to my family and me. I hope you continue to enjoy our products.

    Brita Lundberg
    Fourth Generation Family Member
  20. Kelly 02 Aug

    I absolutely love these chips!  Thank you.
  21. carrie 07 Aug

    I wish there was some way to leave the corn out.........
  22. Bridget 08 Oct

    Why, why do you have to contain corn?
  23. Lundberg Family Farms 09 Oct

    Carrie and Bridget, we use corn masa because it is functional. Corn has unique properties that allow the chip dough to hold moisture but not be too sticky when rolling and cutting the shape. We are looking into alternatives to using corn masa. Hope this helps!
  24. Andrew 24 Oct

    In my experience, these are not Celiac safe. I've had chips from two bags and had a reaction to each. According to the company, these are produced on the same lines as other gluten containing products.
    Not good.
  25. Lundberg Family Farms 25 Oct

    Andrew, sorry about your reaction! All of our products are gluten-free and our facilities are gluten-free. We test all of our chip shipments for gluten to ensure that it is not present. That being said, we will pass this information along to our quality control team!
  26. yolanda newson 04 Jan

    DELICIOUS!!! that is all...
  27. Angela 07 Jan

    I love these chips! Eat them every week day with my salads! But now that I found out they are fried instead of baked, I will probably not be eating them as much.  Anyway, these could be baked instead of fried?

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