A mallard nest with seven eggs is uncovered in a field of cover crops at Lundberg Family Farms.

In Partnership with Nature

We're Warriors for Wetlands & Waterfowl

It’s part of our promise to work in partnership with nature, even if it leaves duckling droppings on our boots!

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Solar panels, rice bins, and green rice fields at Lundberg Family Farms.

Sustainability Report 2020

An Unprecedented Year & an Opportunity for Change

Sustainability starts in the fields, but our organic farming practices are only the beginning. We're going green from the ground up so we can keep growing together for generations to come!

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Farmer inspecting cover crops at Lundberg Family Farms

Cover Crops

How We Feed & Fallow the Soil

It can take nature up to 1,000 years to generate one inch of topsoil, which is responsible for 95 percent of all food produced for human consumption.

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Green rice field at sunset

Summer on the Farm

80+ Years of Growing Rice in California’s Sacramento Valley

As we cultivate crops from the ground up, we consider how seed, soil, water, and air combine to create the best, most sustainable foods possible.

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