Baked Grain Bites – Vanilla Chai

4oz (112g)

Product Information


We’re grounded in more ways than one. Grounded in our dedication to remaining a family-owned, independent company. Grounded in our commitment to farming practices that fuel a healthier planet, and grounded in our passion for what we do best. We take the organic grains we grow and pair them with the most unique and flavorful organic spices from around the world. Surprisingly light and crunchy, our Grounded Snacks® Baked Grain Bites are a great, whole grain snacking experience.

We’ve mastered the right balance of rich vanilla mixed with warm cinnamon, and exotic spices to create a superb Vanilla Chai flavor sensation. Stay grounded my friend.


Product Specifications

Gluten Free Non-GMO Organic
15g Whole Grain


Brown Rice Flour, Expeller Pressed Oleic Sunflower Oil, Sorghum Flour, Powdered Sugar (Cane Sugar,Tapioca Starch), Amaranth Flour, Cane Sugar, Cinnamon, Rice Concentrate, Sea Salt, Vanilla Flavor (Corn Dextrose, Vanilla Extract, Natural Flavors, Rice Extract), Nutmeg, Allspice.



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4oz (112g)

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