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Lemon Blueberry Bliss

Quick Information

25 mins



1 cup sugar

2 large eggs plus 2 egg yolks

⅔ cups lemon juice

1 tbsp. finely grated lemon zest

½ cup butter, softened

3 cups Lundberg®California White Arborio Rice, cooked 

⅔ cup whipping cream, whipped and divided

1 cup blueberries 


Combine sugar, eggs, egg yolks, lemon juice and lemon zest in a 2-quart suacepan. Cook over medium-low heat until thick and creamy (8 to 10 minutes), stirring constantly. Remove from heat; stir in butter and rice. Cool. Fold in 1 cup whipped cream. Alternate layers of blueberries and rice pudding in parfait glasses. Garnish with whipped cream and blueberries. Makes 8 servings.

Recipe adapted from USA Rice Federation

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Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 1/8 serving (176g)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 520

Calories from Fat

Total Fat 23g

Saturated Fat 13g

Trans Fat 0.5g

Cholesterol 145mg

Sodium 115mg

Total Carbohydrate 75g

Dietary Fiber 2g

Total Sugars 21g

Protein 11g