Lundberg Sunset

Lundberg Family Farms® is a family-owned and
operated rice company that is committed to producing
the finest quality rice and rice products for your family.

Learn more about the Lundberg family and the history of Lundberg Family Farms®.

Gluten Free products

From Meals to Snacks, Lundberg can
enhance your Gluten-Free lifestyle.

Check out our great
selection of Gluten-Free Products.

Lundberg Sustainable Rice

Since 1937, Lundberg has been using sustainable farming
practices to enrich the soils and improve the rice crops.

Learn more about Lundberg's farming methods
and our continued commitment to the environment.

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New Multigrain Chips

Multigrain chips

Our 4 new varieties of Multigrain Chips are tasty, hearty, and filling!

Delicious Fall Recipe

Squash, Root Vegetables and Asparagus liven up this fall classic!

New Whole Grain Rice & Seasoning Mix

Create an exciting dining experience with convenient Organic Whole Grain Rice Entreés.