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The Possibilities
are Endless.

With over twenty different varieties & blends, cooking rice has never been so much fun. From Basmati & Jasmine to Sushi & Black Rice to gorgeous blends that light up your plate, Lundberg rice can take you on a culinary adventure without ever leaving the kitchen.

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Ready to Heat Grains

Make Every
Minute Count!

We’re proud to now offer a new “Ready to Heat” line with your favorite grain varieties, meeting your need for convenience as a multi-serve side-dish or ingredient to a side-dish.

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Entrees & Sides

Convenience & Quality Ingredients...
A Match Made in Foodie Heaven.

From our popular Risotto to the new Rice and Seasoning Mixes, our boxed entrees and side dishes have something for everyone! Not only do they make meal prep a snap, but they deliver on what you’ve come to expect from Lundberg products: delicious, high-quality ingredients you can trust.

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Guilt-Free Snacking

Give in to those snack cravings with a hearty dose of brown rice! Filled with whole grains plus easy-to-read ingredient lists, and Non-GMO Project Verified seals, our healthier-for-you snack options will satisfy more than just your tummy.

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Gourmet Baking, The Rice Way.

Rice Syrup? Who knew?! We did, of course! Whether you’re in need of gluten-free alternatives for your baking needs or just want to try something new, our baking products will add new dimension to your classic recipes.

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